Tropicana Gardens

Minimalism took the local design scene by storm – ushered in by Nordic and Japanese lifestyle brands which made their way to the consumer market in the form of daily household items, fashion and furniture.

Through our understanding of the current market demand, our design consultants opted for a Muji-inspired Japanese minimalist approach with three dominating colours: light wood, white, and dark grey for a brand new unit in Tropicana Gardens.

The dark grey sofa and curtains add color and break the monotony of the neutral color scheme. We stick to essential decor items and showcase ordinary objects in their bare forms: open shelves and photo frames on the wall, which boasted light geometric overlays.

The empty space acts to amplify the presence of the white dining table and hanging ceiling lamps. Our designers chose different color tones to segment different areas of the unit to create a more open & airy space: white for dining area, dark grey for living hall while a mixture of white and grey is used for the bedroom.